Isagenix vs. Amway (BodyKey) – The Battle of the Heavyweights

Isagenix vs. Amway (BodyKey) – The Battle of the Heavyweights

Comparison of Two of the Higher Priced Products on the Market. Isagenix is a tiny bit more expensive, but packs a bit more of a nutritional punch (higher protein, less sugar) with a few more calories. All-in-all, Isagenix probably wins this battle.

Our Un-Biased Review and Comparison

Before we start anything, please know that this review and comparison is completely un-biased, as we don’t have affiliations with either Isagenix or Amway, so you can rest assured that you aren’t being jerked in any specific direction based on who pays us. Enjoy!

Comparison of Isagenix and Amway – A Battle of the Premium Priced Products

Welcome to this comparison of Isagenix vs. Amway with their weight loss shakes. In the left corner for Isagenix is the IsaLean Shake, weighing in at 240 calories a piece. In the right corner, fighting for Amway is the BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake, weighing in at 160 calories.

All joking aside, these two weight loss shakes are some of the higher priced ones in the market, and stack up fairly well. We’ll go through all of the macro-nutrients, ingredients, vitamins, minerals and more so you can have a good basis to decide which one is better for you.

Here are a few of the initial major points that we saw comparing these:

1) Similarly Priced per Shake

The first thing we usually check out for each shake is the price for each. These two are definitely some of the higher priced shakes on the market, and for good reason. Both provide very high-quality ingredients, and each have fairly high reviews.

Although the Amway shake may seem initially fairly high price, when you break it down on a per-serving basis, they come out to about the same, at around $3.57 – $3.71 per shake. This is definitely higher compared to other shakes (the Herbalife shakes in particular), but both shakes are also higher quality.

2) Isagenix has More Calories and Protein

One thing we also noticed when comparing the macro-nutrients, was that the IsaLean shake had about 60% more calories than the Amway shakes, but over 9g more protein per shake. While the calorie difference is something to consider, we think that the protein content changes things significantly, because protein will keep you fuller for longer, and do better things for your body. In our opinion, this calorie difference is well worth it because of the extra protein.

3) Soy vs Whey Protein Sources

The last thing we looked at when comparing the Isagenix vs. Amway weight loss shakes was the protein source. Isagenix utilizes whey protein (milk based) while Amway uses soy protein for the main ingredient. There is still much speculation in the fitness community about which is better, but in general, whey is better in our opinion.

But if you have a specific allergy, specifically to lactose or to soy products, then this will come into play much more.

Summary – Isagenix for the Win

In the end, we preferred the Isagenix shakes because of the better macro nutrition and taste qualities. At a similar price point, we think that Isagenix is just a better product. Enjoy!

Products to Compare

1) General Info

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Company Isagenix Amway
Product Video
Flavors Available Creamy French Vanilla, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Black Sesame, Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla Rich Creamy Vanilla, Rich Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry

2) Servings and Price

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  Isagenix IsaLean Shake Amway BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake
Servings 14 28
Price 51.95 99.98
Price / Serving $3.71 $3.57

3) Allergens

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  Isagenix IsaLean Shake Amway BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake
Gluten Free? Yes Yes
Dairy Free? No (But Available) No
Soy Free? Yes No

4) Macro Nutrition

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  Isagenix IsaLean Shake Amway BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake
Calories? 240 160
Fat 5 3
Saturated Fat 2 1
Source of Fat Olive oil, sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil
Carbohydrates 24 23
Sugar 11 16
Source of Sugar Fructose Fructose
Fiber 8 4
Protein 24 15
Source of Protein Whey Protein, milk protein Soy Protein
Sugar 11 16
Artificial Sweetneners? No No
Artificial Flavors? No No

5) Vitamins & Minerals

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Percentage of Daily Value based on a 2,000 Calorie diet

  Isagenix IsaLean Shake Amway BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake
Vitamin A 50% 35%
Vitamin C 40% 10%
Calcium 32% 60%
Iron 2% 15%
Vitamin D 80% 10%
Vitamin E 35% 40%
Thiamin 60% 50%
Riboflavin 70% 50%
Niacin 45% 50%
Vitamin B6 60% 1250%
Vitamin B12 200% 500%
Biotin 45% 50%
Pantothenic Acid 40% 50%
Phosphorus 24% 505%
Iodine 40% 50%
Magnesium 40% 40%
Zinc 45% 60%
Selenium 40% 0%
Copper 50% 50%
Manganese 60% 15%
Chromium 80% 80%
Molybdenum 60% 0%